PTO Proposed Bylaws Changes

In order to better accommodate virtual meetings, an amendment to the Cooper PTO Bylaws to be voted on at the September 2020 General Membership Meeting are proposed as such:

In the event that a Regular or Annual Meeting cannot be conducted in person due to a natural disaster, school closure or any other unforeseen circumstance preventing the physical gathering of the Corporation, the Corporation shall hold the Meeting virtually. Notices of each Virtual Regular Meeting shall be given at least (5) days in advance of the Virtual Regular Meeting. Should capacity become an issue, live stream and additional virtual platforms shall be made available so all Members of the Corporation may participate. Special Meetings may also be conducted virtually provided all Members of the Corporation are given notice at least (3) days in advance of the Virtual Special Meeting. Should the Annual Meeting be held virtually, the Members shall elect the Officers for the following school year on the platform chosen for the Virtual Annual Meeting.

There are other additional changes in language, where appropriate, to allow for virtual meetings and voting. Changes to the Bylaws begin on page three (3) and are noted in green font. A full readout of the proposed changes can be found here.