Covid-19 Distance Learning FAQ

How does my child access online classes (synchronous learning)?

Each core class teacher (Math, English, Social Studies/Civics, Science, and high school level World Languages) teacher will email your child an individual link to join class via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Once links are bookmarked, your student will not need any new links –what they received from each teacher will work for the rest of the semester 

Where does my child get homework assignments (asynchronous learning)?

Check two places regularly:

  • FCPS 24-7– Blackboard (this is NOT the same platform as the live classes)
  • Google Classrooms


What if Blackboard isn’t working?

If Blackboard has more technical difficulties, synchronous classes and office hours should still be accessible through unique student links (emailed to students’ account)

Blackboard has experienced technical difficulties as we have begun Distance Learning.  The Cooper admin team apologizes for the initial inconvenience and confusion that has occurred and FCPS has been working with Blackboard to resolve.  If there are further disruptions to Blackboard and/or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra services, you’ll receive an e-notify from Cooper or from FCPS directly.

What if we need technical support?

Try this troubleshooting menu first:

  • Ask your child to go to FCPS 24-7 Blackboard
  • Navigate to the “My FCPS” tab at the top
  • In upper left corner, see the “Continuity of Learning” box.
  • Select “Middle and High School Resources.”
  • Scroll down left-hand side bar to “Support Resources.”
  • Click this link for a screen that will provide several help guides for FCPS online resources.

If the troubleshooting menu doesn’t work, please email for issues with Cooper devices.

Will teachers be taking attendance?

Yes. Teachers will take attendance at live classes.  Attendance will be documented in SIS.  If your child is absent from a live (synchronous) session, SIS will show the code VSN (Virtual Session Non-Participation).

What if my child is sick?

Call 703-442-5858 to alert the school that your child is ill and unable to attend live classes.

OR you may email:

What if I need a ParentVue Request?

Complete this form: 

What if my student needs essential items from her/his locker (items are restricted to those necessary for distance learning)?

Please contact Leslie Psaltis at with your specific need and she will arrange a date/time for curbside pickup.

What will Distance Learning work look like?

Your student’s week will be a blend of homework and live class.

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, students will be expected to complete homework for core classes—these will be teacher-directed assignments (asynchronous) and activities.
  • Also on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, students may also have work from electives classes: Many electives are providing activities to complete in the asynchronous (not face-to-face) environment.
  • On Wednesday and Friday students will attend live (synchronous) classes for their core subjects.
  • On Wednesdays and Fridays during class periods when students have an elective class or PE, they may:
    • complete the asynchronous activities assigned by that teacher or,
    • complete assignments for other subjects.
    • If offered by the elective teacher attend an optional synchronous class session.

Why only one class a week for 45 minutes each?

Each core class is actually more than 45 minutes per week when you combine the synchronous and asynchronous work.

Each class provides homework/projects for an entire week’s worth of time (asynchronous)

Each core class also has a live teaching time (synchronous) for 45 minutes on Wednesday or Friday —which is a component not all of our area districts are offering. Many other divisions are providing only asynchronous work. 

Additionally, students may connect with their teachers on both Tuesday and Thursday during office hours.

How do students know what office hours their teachers are offering?

On Tuesday and Thursday, all teachers hold office hours. Students should use the individual class link emailed to their account to join office hours.

Office Hours are a time for students to connect with teachers and peers.  Students or parents wishing to meet with teachers individually should reach out to the teacher directly to schedule a time.

Parents: Please don’t use the students’ office hours to connect with teachers. This time is reserved for students.

How do I use the instructional packet I’m receiving in the mail every week?

Consider working on this packet to supplement assignments from your child’s teachers.  Some teachers will be having students refer to sections of the instructional packets as part of their learning.  It is not required.

What if I don’t want to receive packets by mail?

You may opt out using this:  opt out link to stop receiving the printed instructional packets in the mail. You will need your student’s ID number and e-mail address to access the opt out system. Digital copies of the packets can be found on the FCPS 24/7 Blackboard Continuity of Learning Resources → Middle and High School Resources link→ Middle School Distance Learning Packets link 

Please note, it may take up to 1 week to process the request to opt out. 

Opt-out simply means you will no longer receive the packets in the mail.  The packets are still available electronically in FCPS 24/7 Learning and can be printed at home.


How do I contact my teachers?

Look in your directory for an email address.

Look online


How do I contact the Cooper administrative team?

Use this google form to submit your questions to the Administrative Team. 

Email all other questions:





Lisa Barrow

7th grade administrator

Michael Rath 

8th grade administrator

Maureen McLoughlin 

Student Services

Dana Scabis

Cooper Staff List

When does the 3rd Quarter end?

3rd quarter ends on May 1.

When will SIS be turned off for parent veiwing?

SIS will close Thursday, May 1 through Friday, May 8.

Grades will be available for viewing Saturday, May 9.

Report cards will be mailed beginning May 12 for those who have not opted into electronic delivery.

How is grading being handled?

Third quarter grade books are not closed. Students may complete all assignments issued prior to the closing of schools before we close the third quarter.  

Teachers are providing maximum flexibility to be sure you can get those assignments submitted. 

A NM (no mark) will be assigned for the 4th quarter. All the 4th quarter work will only positively impact a student’s final grade.

Teachers will provide feedback to students throughout the fourth quarter. 

For specific questions, please contact your teacher.

If my child takes a world language, will s/he truly be ready for next year’s language continuation – especially if moving on to Langley or another high school?

If your child is moving from 7th grade to 8th grade languages at Cooper, teachers are already planning next year with the unique ending of this year in mind. 

  • For next year: if your child took a 1A language in the fall and felt comfortable with content and pace, s/he should feel confident in taking 1B next year. 
  • If your child is taking a 1A class this spring and feels comfortable with the content and pace, s/he should continue with the asynchronous activities and feel confident in taking 1B next year. 
  • Your child also has the opportunity to enroll in the level 1 course, which also is for high school credit but begins with the beginning of language acquisition. 


If your child is transitioning from Cooper MS to Langley HS next year, teachers from both schools will work together to address instructional needs.

Where can I find the FCPS Distance Learning Resources?

What is going to happen with SOL testing? (3/20/20- revised 4/1/20)

With school closure through the end of the academic year, no Virginia schools will administer further SOL tests this spring. Waivers available for state graduation requirements mean that the absence of SOL tests will not negatively impact students’ ability to progress toward on-time graduation. Updates will be forthcoming from the VDOE. Score reports for the 8th grade Writing SOL will be mailed centrally from FCPS in June – July 2020.

Where can I find the most recent communication from Cooper?

The Dash is sent Sunday evenings with weekly updates.  You select this through News You Choose

eNotify communication is sent to all registered Cooper families

What if I need to contact my counselor?

Tuesday and Thursday HOURSCounselorEmail
8:30 – 10:00 AMLaura Wiley

10:30- 11:00 AMMichelle Saint Germaine
Acadia and Shenandoah

11:30 – 1:00 PMJosh Chambers
Everglades and Yellowstone

1:00 – 2:30 PMJill Donnelly


Where can I find help for social/emotional wellness?

Link to FCPS School-Based Social Emotional Learning and Wellness Resources During Distance Learning:

When will new learning and the 4th quarter begin?

New content started in many classes the week of April 21 (synchronously and asynchronously) and will begin in all core classes next week. 

Because the grade book has been extended, some students will be working on assignments/retakes, etc from Q3 concurrently with the new content.  

Will we be able to reselect classes for next year?

If you are looking to change a course selection for next year, we encourage you to reach out to your child’s counselor as soon as possible.  Priority will be given to students in high-school credit bearing classes. 

 All requests must be submitted prior to May 29.  Any changes after May 29 are subject to administrator approval.

For rising 9th graders, any course changes at Langley HS are subject to administrator approval.  


What is the last day of school?

At this time, there are no changes to the end of the school year: June 12. The current FCPS calendar can be found here: Calendar decisions are made by the School Board. 

Where can I see the Essential Standards document?

The Essential Learnings for middle school can be found here:

Why are some schools in the Langley pyramid using Google and others using BBCU for live classes? Why not all use the same one?

After the initial problems with Blackboard, FCPS allowed schools freedom to choose the platform that works best for their teachers and students. Principals and school staff have worked to identify which platforms work best for their students and their unique school needs.