Service Learning

Cooper Middle School Service Learning Requirement

Service learning is a teaching method designed to involve students in authentic and meaningful service to their communities.

Service learning makes connections between the classroom and the community and provides structured time for students to reflect on their service experiences. It is intended to instill a sense of civic responsibility by encouraging students to assess their impact on the community as active contributors to society. Service Learning is a Work-Based Learning experience as it provides students with Career Exploration opportunities and supports students with developing career interests.

FCPS is documenting the successful completion of service learning projects for students in grades 6, 8 and 12.

Grade 7 and 8 Service Learning Requirement: 15 hours

Rising Langley Students

For all students moving on to Langley High School next year, service learning doesn’t stop after 8th grade. To graduate from Langley, students will need to give 10 hours of service per year—that’s 40 hours of service total before they graduate. For more on the Langley service learning experience, check out this slideshow, which is also being shown in the 8th grade civics classes.

Places Where Students Can Volunteer

We’ve created this calendar as a tool to help your student fill his or her requirement..