November 12, 2018 – Minutes of General Meeting

Cooper Middle School PTO

General Membership Meeting Minutes

November 12, 1018

Meeting called to order by Heather Capps:   10:30 AM, in Gym 2.

Meeting minutes: August General Membership meeting minutes approved.

Officers’ Reports

President’s Report: 

  • Membership
    • Update on membership and directories.
    • Thank you to Kelly Green Kahn and Cristina Tallent for coordinating directories.
  • Fundraising
    • Candygrams
      • Halloween candygram results.
      • Upcoming Valentine’s candygrams.
  • Parent Resources
    • Many resources at, including Special Education page and  Health & Wellness page.
  • PTO Sponsored Speakers
    • John Halligan spoke to students and to parents in October.  His story and more information on social media, bullying and suicide at
    • Upcoming February speaker: Ann Dolin on helping your child get past procrastination.
  • Volunteers
    • Looking for volunteers for various roles, including:
      • Nominating committee.
      • Book Fair.
      • Teacher Appreciation.
  • PTO Communications to membership, including:
    • News You Choose (via FCPS) on Wednesdays.
    • Facebook.
    • General membership meetings.
    • Parent speaker series.

Next meeting:  January 8, 2019

Meeting adjourned:  10:45 AMMinutes compiled by: Christy Prame, Recording Secretary