August 29, 2018 – Minutes of General Meeting

Cooper Middle School PTO

General Membership Meeting Minutes – DRAFT

August 29, 2018

Meeting called to order by Heather Capps:
  10:00 AM, in Room 130.

Officers’ Reports

President’s Report:

  • This is first PTO meeting streamed live; subsequent meetings should be streamed as well.
  • PTO website.
    • Meeting minutes will be posted on PTO website.
    • Must be member to get hard copy of directory.
    • Must opt in this year to get information into directory (previously was opt out).
    • Verification email will go out in about 2 weeks.

Treasurer’s Report:  Alicia Bond

  • Budget
    • Appropriated just under $40,000 last year.
    • Appropriating additional $30,000 now.
    • Mostly armchair fundraisers, also Cooper Wear and Candy Grams.
    • Appropriations budgeted is $36,000.
    • Net income always projected to be zero because try to appropriate everything in the year it is raised.
    • Curriculum support: money goes to school and then to the teams.
    • Stress less program. Run by school and supported by PTO.
  • Motion to approve budget for 2018-19.
    • Approved by membership.

Next meeting:  October 29 at 7:00 PM (location TBD). 

  • Speaker: John Halligan re social media and cyber bullying.

Meeting adjourned:  10:17 AM

Minutes compiled by: Christy Prame, Recording Secretary