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After School Activities

How do I find out about after-school activities?

Daniel Frengel runs the after school activities program for Cooper. He will releases schedules and options in mid-September.

If you have further questions about the program after the schedules and program options are released, please contact Mr.Frengel: djfrengel@fcps.edu

PLEASE NOTE: The after-school program is run by Cooper Middle School, not by the PTO.

When will late buses begin?

Usually mid-September

How do I sign my child up for Odyssey of the Mind?

Odyssey of the Mind is an after-school program. Daniel Frengel will release more information about how to participate by mid-September. If you have further questions once he has released program information, please contact him: djfrengel@fcps.edu

Classroom Questions

What if I need to discuss class placement or electives?

Please contact your child’s counselor, who is listed on her or his class schedule.

How do I reach my child during the day while he or she is in class?

Please call the front office: 703-442-5800. The staff will reach your child in an emergency. You are asked not to text your child during the day, especially since cell phones are not allowed during school hours.

What kind of device should I buy for my child?

There is no one right answer for all families. The standard option that works for many students is a Chromebook, which uses the same Google suite your child uses in school. The upside is that these are less expensive options and they are often designed with the student in mind, meaning tough construction. The downside is that they have very little memory, so cannot be used for gaming. They are also not very compatible with the Windows suite. If your child spends a lot of time doing homework in an area where there is no wifi available, you should consider getting a Windows or Mac laptop. If your child can do most of his or her work at home or school or other wifi accessible area, a Chromebook should be fine.

Many parents have found that laptops of some kind – with a keyboard – work better than a tablet (iPad or Android.)

Why can’t I buy a school P.E. uniform along with the Cooper Spiritwear I see for sale at PTO meetings?

The P.E. uniforms are sold through the school at myschoolbucks.com.

While the Cooper PTO works closely with Cooper Middle School to support education initiatives and foster close communication between the parents, teachers, and administration, we are actually a separate organization. We do sell our own line of Cooper-branded clothing, but again, we are a separate organization from Fairfax County Schools and are not able to sell clothing that is part of the school curriculum.

How do bathroom passes work?

Your child gets 14 bathroom passes per quarter, which allows him or her to leave class to go to the bathroom. Because there are nine weeks in each quarter, this works out to at least one pass per week plus five extra passes.

You child does NOT need a pass to go to the bathroom during lunch or while changing into a P.E. uniform.


How do I join the PTO and can I do it online?

Please go to our website: cooperpto.org. You can download a form there, print and fill it out, then drop it off at the front office. We also have a limited online option available on the A-Z Store during the period when families verify their information for the school directory. At that time, you can join and donate to the PTO as well as purchase a limited selection from our Spiritwear line. 

How do I stay in touch with the PTO even if I can’t make meetings?

We communicate with the parent community through this website (cooperpto.org), Facebook, and weekly News You Choose emails from the school.

We also have monthly meetings: usually the first Tuesday of the month, with a few exceptions. The majority of the meetings are at 9:30 a.m. in Room 130 at Cooper Middle School.

We are usually able to stream those meetings live on Facebook, and that live stream is saved on our page as a video to catch up with later if you can’t watch it live: https://www.facebook.com/CooperMiddleSchoolPTO/

We also post all the meeting minutes on this web page. 

One to two times a year we host an evening PTO meeting in conjunction with a speaker: October, and February or March. We publish specific information closer to the date with details.

Finally, you are always welcome to send us questions: questions@cooperpto.org. We will do our best to answer you in a timely manner, but please be patient with us as sometimes it may take time to track down your answer.