Proposed Resolution

Proposed Resolution:

Because of the general upheaval of these last few months, our timeline for proposing a new slate of officers slid a bit. We’re supposed to have 25 days in between the announcement of our new slate of officers and the actual vote. This year, however, we only have 22.

Thus, at our May 28 meeting, our membership will need to vote to on a resolution to waive the 25-day wait period for this year only. This is NOT a proposal to amend the bylaws.

25-day Waiver Resolution (as adopted by the PTO Executive Board May 8, 2020):

We, the general membership of the Cooper Parent Teacher Organization, agree, for the school year 2019-2020 only, to waive the 25-day waiting period between publishing the Executive Board officer slate and general membership voting on the Executive Board officer slate.