Distance Learning FAQ – for Students and Parents

Cooper Middle School

How do I access online classes?

  • Go to FCPS 24-7.  You will access all courses through Blackboard.

I need essential items from my locker for distance learning–how do I get them?

  • Please contact Leslie Psaltis at lmpsaltis@fcps.edu with your specific need and she will arrange a date/time for curbside pickup.

How do I figure out my schedule?

  • Live classes meet on Wednesday and Friday each week.
    • Currently, at the middle school level, you will attend these synchronous (live) classes once a week: Math, English, Science, History, and HS credit World Language classes (Level 1 or 1B).   
    • Fill in this schedule:
Sample Schedule for Distance Learning

On Tuesday and Thursday, teachers will hold office hours. Office hours are a time when you can sign on to your teacher’s Blackboard class and access their Blackboard Collaborate link or email with your teachers to consult with them regarding your assignments, questions, and concerns.

What if Blackboard isn’t working?

  • Blackboard has had technical difficulties as we have begun Distance Learning.  FCPS has apologized for the initial inconvenience and confusion and has been working furiously with BlackBoard Collaborate to resolve. Cooper and FCPS will reach out to you directly to let you know if there are more disruptions to the Blackboard services.

What will homework look like?

  • You will be expected to complete teacher-directed assignments and activities on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
  • Electives classes: PE and World Language Level A classes will provide activities to complete in the asynchronous (not face-to-face) environment.
  • Some teachers will offer synchronous learning activities during your scheduled elective learning block and will post their schedule on Blackboard.
  • On Wednesday and Friday during class periods when you have an elective class or PE, you can:
    • complete the asynchronous activities assigned by that teacher or,
    • complete assignments for other subjects. 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Students complete independent or collaborative work and packets. Students complete independent or collaborative work and packets.   Teacher office hours throughout the day Bell Schedule by Period 1:  9:15-10:00 3: 10:30-11:15   Lunch Break 5:   12:15-1:00 7:   1:30-2:15 Students complete independent or collaborative work and packets.   Teacher office hours throughout the day Bell Schedule by Period 2:  9:15-10:00 4:  10:30-11:15 Lunch Break 6:  12:15-1:00

Why only one live class a week?

  • Each class actually provides work for an entire week’s worth of time; with 45 minutes of that time actually live (synchronous)
  • While each period meets synchronously once a week, you may connect with your teachers on both Tuesday and Thursday during office hours.

How do I use the instructional packet I’m receiving in the mail every week?

  • You can use this packet of assignments as extra work to supplement the assignments from your teachers.  

What if I don’t want to receive packets by mail?

  • You may opt-out using this opt-out link to stop receiving the printed instructional packets in the mail. You will need your student’s ID number and e-mail address to access the opt-out system.
    • Please note, it may take up to 1 week to process the request to opt-out. 
    • The packets are available electronically in FCPS 24/7 Learning so if you would like to print the packets at home.

What are office hours and how can I access them?

  • Office hours are a chance for you to connect with your teacher for any extra support or questions you have. Teachers hold office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at specific times, which are posted on their Blackboard sites.
  • To get to an office hour session: similar to the synchronous sessions, log in through the “BBCU” tab on the teacher’s Blackboard page.

How do I contact my teachers?

  • Look in the hard copy of your school directory – the first few pages have the entire staff directory.

How do I contact the Cooper administrative team?

  • Email all other questions:  
Contact Email
Principal Lisa Barrow lbbarrow@fcps.edu
7th-grade administrator Michael Rath mjrath@fcps.edu 
8th-grade administrator Maureen McLoughlin mamcloughlin@fcps.edu 
Student Services Dana Scabis djscabis@fcps.edu
Cooper Staff List https://cooperms.fcps.edu/staff-directory

How is grading being handled?

  • Third-quarter grade books are not closed. You will have the opportunity to complete all assignments issued prior to the closing of schools before we close the third quarter. 
  • Teachers are providing maximum flexibility to be sure you can get those assignments submitted. 
  • A “NM” (no mark) will be assigned for the 4th quarter. All the 4th quarter work you do can only positively impact a student’s final grade. For specific questions, please contact your teacher.

Where can I find the FCPS Distance Learning Resources?

What will happen with SOL Testing? (Revised 4-1-20)

  • With school closure through the end of the academic year, no Virginia schools will administer further SOL tests this spring. Waivers available for state graduation requirements mean that the absence of SOL tests will not negatively impact students’ ability to progress toward on-time graduation. Updates will be forthcoming from the VDOE.

Where can I find the latest Cougar Dash?

What if I need to contact my counselor?

Counselor Contact Information