Bands on the Run 5K

Bands on the Run — benefitting Langley and Cooper Bands — will take to the road at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 31.  In order to get there, the bands need help. This is a major fundraising initiative this year and will take many hands to make it a success. 

Volunteers Needed:

1. Road Committee:

Prior to race day, walk already approved course, determine any issues & how to mitigate them, decide placement of water table and volunteers, obtain safety cones as needed

On race day, set up course.

2. Parking Lot Committee:

Prior to race day, decide table layout (sponsors, registration, etc), decide where parking, Liaise with Mr. Martin over bathrooms.

Race day – help sponsors find assigned areas, brief parking volunteers, 

3. Door Prize Committee

Prior to race day, create attractive distribution system, determine how to distribute, create posters with all sponsor and donor logos

Day of race, hand out prizes

4. Food Committee

Prior to race, obtain various items (we are working on in-kind sponsorships plus gift cards), clean LHS band water cooler

Race day – distribute food/drinks in parking lot & also water at water table in Langley Oaks. 

5. Clean up Crew

Need to make sure nothing is left behind in either Langley Oaks or LHS parking lot.

6. Signage Crew

Prior to race: Make signs (bathroom, first aid, 1 k marker) etc.

Race Day: display signs

Please contact Mary Kunkmueller ( if you have questions or would like more information about any of these committees.

Can’t help before race day?  Check out the SignUp Genius for ways to help on the day of the race:

Please encourage your friends, families, and neighbors to sign up to run or walk with us.